Time Equipment Company brings time and attendance software to the future with Version 3.  Here are some of the features and benefits:

New Look and Feel

Version 3 of our Time and Attendance system brings managers to the modern era.  Users will notice the software uses drop-downs and buttons rather than a right-click from a mouse.  This change enables the same system to be used on a tablet. 

New Menu Structure

Combining payroll functions into one menu group makes payroll processing simpler.  This Menu includes an easy Approve Time Card feature allowing payroll managers the ability to approve and lock all time cards before running your payroll file.  In addition, a streamlined Supervisor Menu shows only the items necessary to conduct their business, making it easier for them to get in and out of the system.

Version 2

Version 3

New To Do List

New users to Version 3 will love the new To Do List.  It allows managers to identify items needing attention quickly.  It displays the employee and issues like Tardy, Absence, Leave Requests, Pick Up Shift Requests, and Trade Requests.  One click takes the manager directly to the correct screen to address the issue.  In addition, the To Do List opens no matter what screen you are on.  Finally, Supervisors using the To Do List can handle 80% of their issues, thus reducing the time needed in the system.

More Informative Leave Management

The Leave Request screen easily displays all the information for a manager to make a decision.   The calendar display shows the requested day off and the employee’s schedule.  This view lets the manager compare the employee’s schedule with the requested day off.  In addition, the manager can see all available benefit balances and a history of previous requests.  Finally, clicking one button approves the request, sends the employee an email of the approval, places the time off on the employee’s schedule, credits the time card, and subtracts the amount from their benefit balance.

Leave Management

New Support Button

A new button displays in the bottom Menu Group if you need support.  Click the button, and it takes managers directly to the support page on our website.  The information entered migrates to our ticketing system so that the next available technician can address your request.

Service Request

How can we help?

As with most changes in versions of software, the service for Version 2 of Attendance on Demand will sunset in December 2022.  However, we want to convert users to Version 3 as soon as possible.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to demonstrate Version 3 of our time and attendance system and start the conversion process.  Contact Time Equipment Company at sales@timeequipment.com or 800-997-8463 to begin the process today.