Time Equipment Company is proud to announce a new version of their world-class time and attendance system which has a new look and new features.

New To Do List

New users to this version will love the new To Do List.  The To Do List can be opened no matter what screen you are in.  It shows the employee and date of events such as a Tardy, Absence, Leave Requests, Pick Up Shift Requests, and Trade Requests. Supervisors can do 80% of their regular activities through the To Do List.

Pay on DemandEmployee Access to Pay on Demand

Employers now can offer Pay on Demand services for their employees. After the end of a shift, an employee can get an advance on a portion of their wages. The service is at no cost to the employer or employee. In addition, there is no change to the employer’s current payroll process. Pay on Demand is only available with the new version of the system.

Visual Scheduling SampleAdvanced Scheduling System

Our new advanced scheduling system, called Visual Scheduling, does something most scheduling systems do not do. It looks at need first. Employees on a schedule pattern are automatically added to Visual Scheduling. Employees already approved for Paid Time Off are automatically removed from the schedule. Based on this information, the system identifies shifts where you may still have a need. Schedulers can then look for Available Candidates who are available, qualified, and will not go into overtime to fill this shift. Schedulers can send a message to everyone on this candidate list to see who would like the shift and fill the vacancy once someone replies. Schedulers can also leave the shift open and allow employees to request to fill the open shift.

ESS MobileNew Employee Self Service Mobile App

The new Employee Self Service (ESS) Mobile App provides even more flexibility than before. Employees can customize their Contact Information by adding a picture and selecting how they would like to receive their information. Information can be received through an email, message in the app, and, if activated, via text. An employee can still view their timecard, schedule, and make a leave request. When linked with our advanced scheduling system, employees can pick up an open shift, or they can request to trade a current shift with a fellow employee.

Attendance on DemandNew Look and Feel

Our new version brings Time and Attendance to the modern era. No more right-clicks or hidden menus. The new version can be used on a tablet with the use of buttons and drop-down menus.

How can we help

As with most changes in versions of software, service for previous versions of the time and attendance system will sunset in December 2022.  Over the next several months, we will be contacting all our current clients to convert them to the new version.  If you would like to see a demonstration of the new version of our time and attendance system or start the conversion process, contact Time Equipment Company at sales@timeequipment.com or 800-997-8463.