Many states throughout the country still have face-covering mandates in all indoor settings.  As a result, when trying to clock in for work, many workers face challenges, especially in hospitality, manufacturing, or grocery.  Many companies are turning to facial recognition scanners.

Safety is paramount with today’s modern workforce.  Today, technology allows increased safety and security without requiring employees to remove their masks or touch a community surface.

Time Equipment Company now offers the iT100 Facial Recognition Clock.  The iT100 provides fast, accurate, and convenient authentication with its dual biometric iris and face recognition reader.  Once enrolled, the iT100 automatically recognizes the person’s face, even when wearing a mask or glasses.  This system allows their face to punch in or out for their shift in seconds.  In addition, employers can add questions to answer health-related or other questions before or after their shift.



Another advantage of using a facial recognition clock is to keep people safe while eliminating ‘buddy punching’ – employees punching for another person. 

The iT100 features an Automatic Tilt Adjustment Camera.  This camera tilts to find the user allowing those of different heights to use the same clock.  In addition, the camera’s auto-focus feature allows for quick scanning and processing.  When placed in the correct position, the iT100 is ADA compliant for those in a wheelchair. 

Integration with Attendance on Demand Time and Attendance solution is seamless.  Data synchronizes in real-time to host systems in the cloud.

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*This product is not intended to diagnose or monitor any medical condition or illness and should not be used as such.  Instead, seek competent medical advice.