Payroll — the mere mention of it can send shivers down the spine of even the most seasoned HR professional. Manually entering timesheets, calculating deductions, and ensuring accuracy can be an endless battle. But what if there was a way to turn payroll from a headache into a breeze? Here’s where an integrated payroll system using Time Equipment Company with Attendance on Demand (AOD) is your knight in shining armor.

Imagine a world where:

Ease of Use is King:

With AOD, employee hours are captured electronically using a variety of clocks or mobile devices and placed on the Employee’s Time Card.  Once approved, the information is imported into the integrated payroll system with just a few clicks.

Goodbye, Paycheck Panic:

The number one reason employees leave a company is an incorrect paycheck.  Using AOD ensures your payroll calculations are based on accurate data.   This trust leads to happier payroll staff and employees who can rely on correct paychecks.  Plus, you can say goodbye to the stress of last-minute corrections and panicked calls from employees.

Compliance Cheers:

Keeping up with ever-changing labor laws can feel like a juggling act.  An integrated system can help ensure your payroll practices are compliant by automatically calculating overtime pay, including blended overtime.  In addition, an integrated payroll ensures accurate employee tax deductions and corporate tax collection and filing.  Breathe a sigh of relief – you’ll be one step ahead of payroll regulations.

Time is Money (Saved!):

Integrating payroll with AOD automates many time-consuming tasks.  No more manually processing timesheets, calculating taxes, or generating paychecks.  This process frees up your valuable time to focus on more strategic HR initiatives and employee relations.

Transparency Triumphs:

Employees crave transparency, especially regarding their pay.  With an integrated payroll system using AOD, employee self-service portals provide the necessary information employees need about their time cards and personal information.

Get Your Money Today:

Integrated Payroll Systems with AOD offer Earned Wage Access through Clair.  When employees clock out for the day, the system knows how much they earned and allows them to advance a portion of their pay the same day.  This amount is seamlessly deducted from the employee’s next paycheck without additional work from the payroll department.

The bottom line is that an integrated payroll system with Attendance on Demand is more than just software – it’s a strategic investment in your payroll department’s efficiency and employee satisfaction.  It reduces errors, saves time, streamlines processes, and ensures compliance.  So, ditch the manual madness and embrace the power of integration.  Your payroll will thank you for it!

Time Equipment Company offers Attendance on Demand and Integrated Payroll!

Combining these two systems provides an accurate and straightforward method to manage your payroll needs.  For more information on how Time Equipment Company can help you with your payroll, contact us at 800-997-8463 or