Time Equipment Company, a leading expert in parking control systems in the Pacific Northwest, is now a proud value-added reseller of the entire parking suite of FAAC Technologies. This transition brings an array of benefits, allowing Time Equipment Company to offer an expanded line of products and services that leverage the extensive capabilities of FAAC Technologies. Customers can now access a broader range of advanced parking solutions, seamless integration options, and enhanced support services.

FAAC Technologies recently announced the strategic rebranding and integration of TIBA Parking Systems into their newly rebranded parking business unit. This transformation marks a significant milestone in the commitment to delivering cutting-edge, comprehensive parking solutions. As a leader in the parking and access control industry, FAAC Technologies continues to expand its portfolio to offer unmatched service and innovative solutions for its clients.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced Product Offering: With FAAC Technologies’ comprehensive portfolio, Time Equipment Company can now provide a wider range of parking solutions, from high-tech access control systems to innovative payment solutions, which now includes TIBA (SmartPark), HUB (Jupiter), and Magnetic Auto-Control Gates.
  • Improved Integration: The synergy between FAAC Technologies allows for smoother integration of various parking management components, ensuring end-users a seamless and efficient parking experience.
  • Cutting-Edge Innovation: Access to FAAC Technologies’ research and development resources means that Time Equipment Company can offer their clients the latest advancements in parking technology, keeping them ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

FAAC Technologies is committed to continuing the legacy of excellence established by TIBA Parking Systems, now under a unified brand that stands for quality, innovation, and reliability. Time Equipment Company’s local presence will continue to ensure prompt, customized service for all our client’s needs.

How We Can Help

As the leading expert in parking control systems in the Northwest, Time Equipment Company simplifies parking by offering seamless and reliable systems.  Time Equipment Company is the exclusive FAAC Technologies Parking Equipment provider in the Pacific Northwest. For more information on how Time Equipment Company can help you with your Parking Control needs, contact us at 800-997-8463 or sales@timeequipment.com.