Managing employee data, attendance, and various HR functions can be overwhelming without the right tools.  Using Attendance on Demand with Time Equipment Comapany’s Integrated HR system can revolutionize how you manage your workforce.  Here are some advantages of this integration and how it can elevate HR operations.

Seamless Onboarding

Managing the onboarding and offboarding process can be time-consuming and complex.  However, these processes have become seamless and efficient with Attendance on Demand and our Integrated HR system.  New employee data can be easily entered into our Integrated HR system and migrated to Attendance on Demand.  Having only one data entry increases efficiency and accuracy.

Enhanced Application of Employee Hours

Attendance on Demand is renowned for its robust time and attendance tracking capabilities.  These features become even more powerful when integrated with our Integrated HR system.  HR professionals can have the system effortlessly calculate work hours, add holiday pay, and automatically apply premiums.  These calculations are imported into our Integrated HR system.  This integration minimizes the need for manual data entry and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Attendance Tracking

With Attendance on Demand, employee attendance can be configured according to your policies for Tardies, Absences, No-Call/No-Shows, and other instances. Companies can stay compliant with local sick laws by allowing designated individuals to mark these instances as excused or unexcused. Attendance on Demand can generate HR-compliant letters for corrective action for employees who exceed your attendance policies.

Live Leave Management

Most payroll systems update leave balances when payroll is processed.  However, if an employee makes multiple leave requests for paid time off during a pay period, the balances may not be current.  Managers often approve time off without the most current information, which may cause balances to go negative.  With Attendance on Demand and our Integrated HR system, employees can see up-to-the-moment leave balances and make appropriate requests.

Employee Empowerment and Self-Service

Our Integrated HR systems with Attendance on Demand empower employees to submit time-off requests and view their attendance records easily.  This self-service functionality saves HR professionals time and promotes employee autonomy and engagement by putting relevant information at their fingertips.

Scalability and Adaptability

As businesses grow and evolve, their HR needs may change.  Our Integrated HR system with Attendance on Demand offers scalability and adaptability to accommodate these changes.  Whether adding new employees, expanding to new locations, or implementing additional HR functionalities, the integrated system can flexibly scale to meet the organization’s evolving needs.

By harnessing the power of this integrated approach, organizations can optimize their HR operations, drive efficiency, and unlock the full potential of their workforce.  These features can benefit your organization by providing accurate communication around your employment policies.

Time Equipment Company offers Attendance on Demand and Integrated HR!

Combining our Integrated HR with Attendance on Demand provides an accurate and straightforward method to manage your workforce needs.  For more information on how Time Equipment Company can help you with your Integrated HR Systems, contact us at 800-997-8463 or