As we begin a new year, it is time to review how to be more efficient with your time and attendance system.  A refresher training program is designed for existing employees to facilitate improvement with current technology, techniques, and methods.

Here are four reasons your company should partner with an expert to implement a refresher training program. 

1.  Hired new staff in the last year

If you hired new staff in the past year, they might not be up to speed on the full capabilities of your current time and attendance system, especially if they did not have training during their onboarding process.  In addition, the transfer of institutional knowledge may be hampered by previous staff leaving abruptly and not having the time to train the new person.  It may have been a quick review on resolving a missing punch so payroll can be processed, but not much else.  A refresher training can help them learn more about the capabilities of your system.

2.  Your system has been upgraded from a previous version

As newer software versions are installed, finding the exact report you are used to pulling may be challenging to locate.  In addition, older versions of software often use a right-click to open a menu.  As newer software is developed, it is designed to work on more modern devices like a tablet.  Unfortunately, the right-click method used in previous versions no longer applies.  Having an expert walk you through the new version of the software can shorten the learning curve regarding updates to your system.

3. Changes in compliance or policies 

If you have made any policy changes regarding Accruals, Paid Time Off (PTO), Overtime, or other parameters, it is vital to ensure your time and attendance system is up to date to match these changes.  Some changes are required due to changes in compliance.  Conducting a parameter review can locate where manual changes can be automated.  In addition, once the changes are made, refresher training for all staff who use the system can save valuable time and money.

4. Access to new reference materials

One part of sharing institutional knowledge is having reference materials that are easily accessible to all.  For example, if you have used your time and attendance system for some time, these reference materials may have been misplaced or not transferred to the next person in the role.  Conducting refresher training should include new reference materials to be shared with everyone using the system.

Refresher training is necessary because of technology advancements, compliance, and turnover.  Therefore, employees need to be up-to-date and informed on the proper ways to use the software.  

How can we help?

Time Equipment Company has a trainer dedicated to helping users get the most out of their time and attendance systems.  To set up Refresher Training for your system, please contact Time Equipment Company at or 800-997-8463.