Time Equipment Company completed a new Entry/Exit Parking System and door access at the Fairbanks Parking Authority’s main parking garage.

The Fairbanks Parking Authority lost revenue because of faulty equipment at their main parking garage.  Because of the remote setting, getting the service they needed from their previous provider was difficult.    Time Equipment Company installed an entry, exit, and monthly parking lane.  In addition,  TIBA Parking AU-60 door access controls were installed.  Customers can now enter the building after hours and on weekends using three different types of media: an Access card, Transient tickets, or the TIBA mobile app.

Unique to this installation is the environment.  The equipment can be in temperatures of -30‎°F.  Therma covers will be installed on all the units to keep them warm to combat these extreme weather conditions.

A 65″ monitor will be installed in the spring, allowing them to adjust rates quickly based on demand or events.

The Fairbanks Parking Authority enforces the City of Fairbanks parking regulations, informing the general public about parking availability in the downtown Fairbanks area.  In addition, they are responsible for operating and marketing the downtown transportation center and parking garage.

As the leading experts in Parking Control systems in the Northwest, Time Equipment Company makes complicated processes simple by offering world-class parking systems that are seamless, reliable, and bullet-proof.  Time Equipment Company is the exclusive provider of TIBA Parking equipment in the Northwest.  Learn more at timeequipment.com/parking.