As companies transitioned to the latest version of Attendance on Demand over the past year, Time Equipment Company tried to make most upgrades as simple as possible.  However, we have heard from a handful of our customers that finding the report they need may be complex.  These comments have sparked us to do a Report Review.

During the transition, we did not want to remove any current reports you had in the previous version.  As part of the new upgrade, an additional General Tab under Reports was added to streamline finding the reports most companies use regularly.  We have found that this feature duplicated reports you already had in the system.

We want your help in cleaning up your report options.  In 2024, we plan to contact all our customers and review your Interactive Summaries and Shared Reports with you.

Customers that have been with us a while may have reports that they no longer use.  Removing these reports should increase the speed of managing your workforce and, in some instances, increase the system’s speed.  Plus, some Shared Reports can be moved to an Interactive Summary, allowing more flexibility when looking for specific date ranges.

In addition, there may be information in Attendance on Demand that can be extracted to generate a more beneficial report.  There may be an additional cost to create custom reports, but our customers who have needed these reports have said the time savings is worth the cost.

How can you get started?

We want to start scheduling companies for this report review in February.  If your company wants to be proactive and start this process, hit the button below to schedule a time to review your reports.  You can also contact Time Equipment Company at or 800-997-8463 for more information.