Pay on Demand is a new benefit offered by Time Equipment Company through our partnership with Clair, a company that provides instant pay access to workers.  Unlike other solutions, this is truly a no-cost benefit for both employers and employees.

Users can receive free advances on their earned wages. When employees sign up, the system looks at the employee’s timesheet data for the day and shows them how much they can advance. Employees can then take an advance and spend that money right away for gas or groceries, or they can withdraw it at an ATM.  These advances are then deducted from their next paycheck.

By giving workers the flexibility to receive their pay as soon as they earn it, they do not have to take out high-interest payday loans or pay overdraft fees just to make ends meet. Less financial stress means they can put their best foot forward every day they step into work.

Employers see benefits across the board…

  • ClairEmployer of choice. Leading employers, like Walmart, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s, already offer a similar benefit to their employees.
  • Lower turnover rates. Programs like Clair can reduce turnover by 20-40% each year, according to a Harvard Kennedy School study.
  • Save on payroll processing costs. Save on the cost of printing checks and paystubs when your employees set up direct deposit.

and employees ger a much needed financial benefit

  • Reduced need for payday loans. Your employees may be among the 12 million Americans who still rely on high-interest payday loans to pay for regular expenses.
  • Savings in bank fees. The average American spends over $170 a year in bank fees. With Clair, they’ll never have to pay maintenance, inactivity, or overdraft fees.
  • A safety net for emergencies. 60% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. Clair’s wage advance helps during emergencies.

How Can We Help?

To learn ways in which we can help your organization offer Pay on Demand at no cost to you or your employees, contact Time Equipment Company at or 800-997-8463.