Providing financial wellness benefits is the key to helping employees reduce financial stress while encouraging employee retention and top talent recruitment.  One tool employers are turning to is Earned Wage Access (EWA).  EWA programs enable employers to advance a portion of accrued wages to employees before receiving their regular paychecks.  This option allows employees to manage financial shocks or emergencies while avoiding predatory alternatives.

Many EWA programs have a cost associated with them.  Unfortunately, these fees keep programs like this from being implemented.  But, now, there is another option.

Link Earned Wage Access with your Time Labor Management System

EWA programs linked to the employer’s Time Labor Management System have a distinct advantage.  Once an employee clocks out for their shift, they are notified how much they can advance from their earned wages.  This information is communicated to the EWA provider.  Because of this connection, the employee can immediately request funds to be transferred to their bank account or a debit card provided by the EWA program.   This communication between the Time Labor Management System and the EWA provider significantly lowers the risk to all parties.  This combination allows the EWA program to offer these services at no cost to the employee or the employer.  In addition, they do not have to wait 24-48 hours to receive their funds like many EWA provers without this integration.  Funds are available instantly.

It is important to discuss what EWA is not.

  • EWA is NOT a payday loan. It does not charge interest on funds accessed early.
  • EWA is NOT an advance on future earnings. Instead, it is access to wages employees have earned for hours they have already worked.
  • EWA is NOT meant to put users into a cycle of loans. Instead, it offers a safe alternative so they can avoid them.  By putting parameters on the amount of their wages employees can access ahead of payday (a good number is up to 40%), companies create a responsible way for employees to pay for unexpected expenses that arise before payday.
  • EWA is NOT difficult to set up. It should not require changes to your payroll or existing processes.

How can we help?

Pay on Demand offers all the elements businesses should look for in an Earned Wage Access solution at no cost to employees or employers.  This solution relieves financial stress by giving employees immediate access to a portion of their earned wages.  For more information about Pay on Demand, contact Time Equipment Company at or 800-997-8463.

*This document simplifies complex information as it is understood by Time Equipment Company. It is not to be taken as legal advice. The guidelines are consistently changing. For further information, please visit