Time Equipment Company modernized the parking system for Kaiser Permanente in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Located at 125 16th Ave E in Seattle, the Capitol Hill South Building, operated by Kaiser Permanente, is one of three buildings servicing the heart of Seattle.  This 5-story, 270,000-square-foot facility built in 1992 includes urgent care services, oncology, radiology, general surgery clinic, and physical therapy.  This site includes 650 parking spaces.

In 1918, this location was the site of St. Luke Hospital and, in 1947, became the first building of Group Health Cooperative.  Kaiser Permanente acquired Group Health in 2017.

The Seattle Department of Transportation recently designated streets around the Capitol Hill buildings as a new paid parking block with paid parking between 8 AM and 8 PM.  The previous technology at this location failed miserably and created customer service complaints.  As part of the selection process for new equipment, the various vendors’ service response time was critical.

The operator wanted to switch to a more traditional approach using parking gates and entry/exit terminals and sought more local support to lower service times and costs.  Kaiser Permanente liked the new systems recently installed at Kaiser Permanente in Tacoma and Bellevue by Time Equipment Company.  Having consistent systems was an essential factor in the selection process.  Kaiser Permanente locations use TIBA SmartValidation because of the flexibility to change the ticket into an in/out pass for single or multi-day use and the ability to track the individual validation.

Time Equipment Company installed new cloud software rather than the traditional onsite server, providing better security and control of the information collected.  One new TIBA MP-60 entry station and two new SW-60 exit terminals were provided for their main entrance.  The CPS-60 Credit Card Pay Station was a new feature that the other system did not have and was installed in the first-floor elevator lobby.  In addition, three new articulating Magnetic Gates finished the installation.

As the leading expert in parking control systems in the Northwest, Time Equipment Company simplifies complicated processes by offering seamless, reliable, and bulletproof systems.  Time Equipment Company is the exclusive provider of TIBA Parking equipment in the Northwest.

For over 30 years, TIBA Parking Systems has provided innovative solutions for the parking market, resulting in reliable, user-friendly products that lower the initial acquisition price and ongoing maintenance cost.  TIBA has successfully implemented this by focusing on software development while continuing to enhance and support its reliable hardware platforms.  As a result, this system allows owners to keep their capital investment down while still enjoying the latest software functionality.