Many households have the annual tradition of Spring Cleaning.  They clear out the clutter and clean areas that have not had regular attention in a while.  A similar process should be used when looking at your workforce management systems.

Contact an Expert

Before starting your ‘spring cleaning’, contact the company that manages or configures your software to discuss what you would like to do.  For example, there may be reasons not to delete items from your system.  Deleting old workgroups or positions may affect historical reporting.  There are usually ways to expire items, rather than deleting them, so they do not show on current reports but still appear on old ones.  Your software provider can help you through this process and make proper recommendations.

Clean Out the Clutter

Old reports have a way of slowing down most systems and creating clutter.  For example, your company previously needed a specific report, but it is no longer used because of process improvements.  Having the information continue to run takes up valuable processing speed and can slow down your system.

Update User Access

Most companies do a decent job of terminating employees in their systems.  Doing so can restrict access to a building, time clocks, and computer terminals.  However, the cleaning of supervisor access is often overlooked.  Former supervisors and payroll processors no longer employed with the company should have zero privileges.  Companies should review who has access to their systems and remove those who are no longer needed. 

Set Up a Schedule

It is said those who are ready do not have to get ready.  Create a schedule, process, or checklist which helps keep your system neat and tidy. 

These successful Spring Cleaning tips help organize, de-clutter, and clean out your time and attendance systems.  Remember to ask the experts before starting this process.

How can we help?

The Time Equipment Support Team is available to answer any questions regarding streamlining your systems.   For more information about cleaning your system, contact Time Equipment Company at or 800-997-8463.