Time Equipment Company completed the new Parking Control System installation at The Bravern in Bellevue, WA.

The installation included installing 4 TIBA entry and exit stations with card readers on 6 gates for Microsoft employees.  In addition, 20 new Magnetic Articulating Parking Gates, 2 additional entry and exit terminals, and 2 Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras in 19 of 20 lanes were installed.  This project required the removal of six parking booths and rerouting all power and data used to manage the parking. The Bravern also required the addition of 6 more VoIP intercoms for the Microsoft gates and route all of the communication back to a call center in Austin, Texas.

The Bravern is a mixed-use development with commercial, residential, and retail components. The commercial space is occupied exclusively by Microsoft and the retail tenant list includes Gucci, Luis Vutton, Prada, Omega, and more. This includes two-40 story residential towers with parking consisting of 3,134 parking stalls and 19 lanes of revenue control equipment. The Bravern had a need to improve their parking systems to be more PCI compliant and improve security for their tenants and customers. Time Equipment Company is the exclusive provider of TIBA Parking equipment in the Northwest.