Tracking Employee Engagement is all the rage with companies to help limit employees from participating in the Great Resignation.  However, how managers make and manage schedules could be why employees leave.  Here are three scheduling reasons causing employees to leave.

1.  Schedule Not Aligning with Availability

Work is just a part of a person’s life.  Family, doctor, or school commitments may conflict with regularly scheduled hours.  Companies that can accommodate planned absences tend to have a more loyal workforce.  This ability to accommodate requests generates trust between the employee and the employer.  However, the exact opposite can also occur.  For example, if a person requests time off to take their mother to a planned oncology appointment two weeks before the visit only to see their name on the schedule for that same day can erode this same trust.

2.  Over or Under Scheduled

When a person is hired, the company should offer an expectation of how many hours and what days they will work.  Secure scheduling laws mandate this expectation when hired in Seattle, Oregon, and other areas.  However, changes to the hiring arrangement can be stressful.  For example, four weeks after being hired, an employee’s schedule hours increased or were reduced significantly without first speaking to the employee. 

People rely on their jobs, and over 60% of workers live paycheck to paycheck.  If there is a disruption to their schedule, it could negatively affect the household.  As stated earlier, changes without communication erode trust.

3.  Lack of Consistency

Just like knowing the total number of hours a person works is essential, which days or shifts a person works can be equally important.  Take child care, for example.  Parents do their best to make arrangements for who will watch the children after school.  If their schedule allows it, most parents will prefer to be this person.  Setting up schedule patterns for employees can help relieve some of this stress.  This way, employees can know their schedule from week to week.  However, if schedules are inconsistent, it can be a stressful situation.  The lack of consistency in a schedule will force a person to look elsewhere for employment

How can we help?

Time Equipment Company’s world-class time and attendance solution saves you time and money by streamlining your company’s scheduling processes.  Our advanced Visual Scheduling system combines employees’ schedule patterns into one screen so you can see where you are over or short.  In addition, it provides an easy way to communicate with your staff to find out if they can take that shift.   For more information, contact Time Equipment Company at or 800-997-8463.