Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

TEC Electrical is your trusted choice for EV charger installation in Bellevue, Washington. Whether you are in need of electric car charger installation for your home or commercial property, our expert team is here to provide top-tier services that you can rely on.

A division of Time Equipment company, our Bellevue roots date back to 1928.

EV Charger Installation


Site Assessment and Planning: Before installation, we conduct an evaluation of the site to determine the best location for the chargers, taking into account factors like power supply, space, and accessibility.

Installation Services: This is our core service, involving the physical installation of EV charging stations. It includes electrical work, mounting of the charging unit, and integration into existing electrical systems.

Electrical Upgrades: In some cases, the existing electrical infrastructure may need upgrades to support the EV charging stations. This can include upgrading the electrical panel, installing new circuits, or increasing the property’s overall power capacity.

Permitting and Compliance: We handle all necessary permits and ensure that the installation complies with local, state, and federal regulations, including electrical codes and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance if applicable.

Maintenance and Repairs: Ongoing maintenance services to ensure the chargers are functioning correctly, as well as repair services in case of malfunction or damage.

Software Integration and Management: For smart chargers, we provide software solutions for managing charging stations, including scheduling, access control, and monitoring of usage and energy consumption.

Customer Training: Educating customers on how to use and maintain their EV charging stations, including safety procedures and troubleshooting common issues.

Renewable Energy Integration: We offer solutions to integrate EV charging with renewable energy sources, like solar panels, for a more sustainable energy solution.

Networking and Connectivity Solutions: For commercial clients, we provide solutions to connect multiple charging stations and integrate them into a network for easier management and user access.

Consultation and Advisory Services: We offer expert advice on the best types of chargers for different needs, financial incentives, and overall EV charging strategies for businesses or communities.


  • Bellevue Commercial EV Installation

    At TEC Electrical, we specialize in commercial EV charger installation, catering to the growing demand for electric vehicle charging solutions in the Bellevue area. Our experienced technicians understand the unique requirements of businesses, offering tailored solutions that ensure the efficient and seamless operation of electric vehicle chargers at your commercial property.

  • Bellevue Residential EV Installation

For homeowners in Bellevue, the convenience and benefits of electric vehicle ownership can be fully realized with our residential EV charger installation services. We take pride in making the transition to electric vehicles smooth and stress-free. Our skilled technicians will install your residential charging station with precision and care, providing a reliable power source for your electric car.



Great local business. John and his team provide excellent service and are very easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Neil Bavins

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