Teacher effectiveness and professional development allocation have a direct impact on students, school, and district budgets.

Great local business. We have been doing business with Time Equipment for many years. John and his team provide excellent service and are very easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Neil Bavins

Time Equipment Company made our lives much easier by providing the online time & attendance system. They were also able to accommodate our requests and changes to fit our needs. TEC has saved us hours for us to be able to get the payroll processed smoothly and correctly.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

For me it is all about Trust and I trust John Brondello the owner of Time Equipment Company to put in a system that works well for my company and our clients. His company has been around a long time. They are good people.

Jack Goldberg

Case Studies

Qualifying for Coverage2018-08-06T19:03:26-07:00

PPACA and Educational Employers

Because school districts employ a wide variety of workers including substitute teachers, bus drivers, aides, non-teaching coaches and facility staff, educational employers are unsure which employees qualify for coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The primary challenge is two-fold: first, school districts must decide if they meet the PPACA’s “large employer” criteria— making them subject to its provisions—and second, they must determine which employees are considered full-time and must be offered coverage. This paper examines the determination processes for each of the four designated employee types and demonstrates how a Workforce Management system can ease the administrative burden of PPACA compliance facing educational employers today.

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Overtime in Education2018-08-06T19:59:11-07:00

Eases Compliance with FLSA Regulations

In school districts across America, compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, especially as it relates to overtime pay, is increasingly crucial. The burden of proof is 100% on the employer to comply with FLSA regulations. Many unclassified employee groups have filed, and won, suits against school districts for underpayment of overtime. Retroactive payments of twice the amount of overtime owed, along with legal fees, put pressure on our already stressed educational system. Attendance on Demand® blended rates provide a way for school districts to calculate overtime compliance with FLSA regulations. This document details the impact the FLSA is having upon the educational system, examines ways in which your school district is affected by these regulations, and explains how Attendance on Demand can be your solution.

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